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Frozen Foods

Trend Analysis in Food Service 2018

Why does frozen food get a chilly reception?

Fresh or can you tell?

No doubt that the average consumer has a good reason to be a bit confused when it comes to frozen food.

Perhaps it is just a simple mis-understanding of how great a frozen food product can taste. A large reason for today’s manufactures delivering amazing quality and retaining nutritive values is due to a process called I.Q.F. or Individually Quick Frozen(1) . This process saves the integrity of whatever you are preparing exactly at the moment of freezing. Commercial fishing boats literally are floating manufacturing plants as some are equipped to process and freeze before they ever return to port. Being able to select one or a handful of berries for your smoothie is due to I.Q.F.. Otherwise you would have to chisel frozen fruit off a block, and that would definitely slow down service times.

Frozen does not mean un-fresh, it is quite the opposite. How you prepare and present this item is how your customers will perceive the quality of freshness, flavor and a return visit.

National burger chains have created empires on using frozen products. Yet when customers perception of frozen is flavorless they just need to return to their favorite QSR. There are obvious reasons why most operations do not buy raw potatoes for French Fries, because the advantage of quality, consistency and labor savings is unbeatable and your customers do not particularly care if it was frozen. What they want is real food, not fillers and consistency cooked to perfection every time…oh and a touch of hospitality wouldn’t hurt.

Food made from real ingredients that taste great, that’s what will make happy customers not gimmicks about never frozen…keep your food nutritious, delicious and safe.

Frozen Facts

We have all watched or heard of the bizarre moments when Chef Gordon Ramsey investigates a failing restaurant and discovers the horror of a poorly kept freezer…so what should you throw out?

According to the USDA freezing food can keep many foods safe for extended periods of time, however that still doesn’t mean it will still have good taste and texture.

From a Chefs perspective certain frozen foods can be a friend and an enemy. Even some proteins develop a different mouthfeel due to the item being un-frozen or frozen.

However, having the right product as a frozen item can provide consistency, safety and with the correct preparation, a meal you can proud of and your customers will appreciate it too.

Frozen Blended hot on the scene!

According to Datassential the descriptor “Frozen Blended” has seen great progress with an over 50% growth on menus and only a 0.1% penetration on todays menu. With such a low penetration and the explosion of Frozen Blended that has sustained its growth for the past 4 years exposes huge gaps/opportunities in an operators menu offerings.

As a matter of fact some of the top pairings with the term Frozen Blended are a mixture of the obvious and not so obvious.

Coffee, Vodka, Smoked bacon, Veal cheek and Sausage just to name a few.

Frozen Breakfast, all day

Pre Scooped Portioned Frozen Muffins bake up with perfection

In a retail setting there are plenty of options that shoppers can select to take from the freezer to microwave, but in a Food Service scenario it has to be special.

Even if it is at a C-store an item like the frozen breakfast sandwich must possess that something extra special. Perhaps it is re-thermed at a cooking counter with optional choice of sauces that are offered to customize the item.

Some of the best muffins I’ve had come to the store frozen, pre-scooped and ready to bake. Making the C-Store bakery department rival that of a full-service bakery.

Frozen breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner all have a critical role in the foodservice chain and when you have a product that performs you have a healthy bottom line too.

Surprise, you've eaten frozen foods!

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