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Beer... whassup!

a dive into flavors and applications

Beer & Flavor in Food Service

In Food Service, Beer has seen great progress in menu mentions with over 90% penetration on menus and 4% growth in the past 4 years alone.

There are so many choices of flavors, formats & composition that this category delivers on. It seems almost impossible to put all of it into a short presentation.

However, at F.C.C. we have sipped, dipped and spread our way through this information to hopefully get you thinking about what Beer flavor will be next on your menu.

A quick history on Beer 3400 B.C. to present:

It was in the safe haven of the Monasteries where beer became the drink we know today. Prior to this, dating all the way back to 3400 B.C. it was a very murky, sluggish brew that required special straws to avoid all the ingredients swirling on the bottom of the mug.

Today, safety in the Beer industry is still just as viable and critical to it’s success for production. As a matter of fact the ancient Babylonian Code of Hammurabi was a set of laws that regulated recipes for nearly 20 beers and also decreed that each Babylonian citizen to get a free daily beer. In todays world we follow something a bit more formal like HAACP and proof of your date of birth in order to enjoy the drink. However the flavor of beer does not follow the age guideline which offers more menu placement for operators.

It is apparent that people have been playing with the flavor of beer for a long time and with the unique ability to apply these flavors to a variety of products it is easy to see why beer as a flavor is widely accepted and is highly sought after.

American Menus Feature the Most Beer

Beer has influenced all menu types from across the globe in the United States. Although it is most commonly featured on American menus it can be a flavor for creating on trend, fusion flavors that are in a ubiquitous format making these concepts easier to place on a variety of menus.

It’s popularity everywhere from actual use of the liquid form for pairing, cooking, baking, batters and simply drinking continues to grow in popularity. Innovation and menu penetration continues to climb.

Menu Adoption Cycle = what's trending

New flavors or preparations like Barrel Aging beer is considered new and very trendy, while fruit/vegetable influenced beers like the Pumpkin Beer is growing in popularity and acceptance. This is when you start to see these flavors getting used in something like a pumpkin beer bread, sweet roasted pumpkin studs a soft spent grain loaf with a beer honey butter spread.

Beer is more than just a beverage...

Combining the flavor of your favorite beer is happening all over the menu from breakfast, mid-meal snacks to dinner. Check out just a few of the LTO's ( limited time offerings) that were launched in the past year.

At Follese Culinary Consulting (FCC) we can help you decipher between the best options with hard data that is on trend to compliment the flavor that reaches your customers taste buds and dollars.

Don’t waste time with ideas that don’t fit your customers expectations of crave-able, snack-able & super yummy!

At FCC you will clearly taste the best concepts presented in sound Culinary Innovations backed with Todays Trends.

Providing Culinary Solutions to Commercial Manufactures, National Restaurants & Marketing Firms.

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